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By Dan Coles

This mum has decided to go all out on her primary school daughter’s prom by spending a whopping £1,000 on her daughter’s special day.

Doting mum-of-three, Jennifer Roberts, 35, and dad Dean, 34, a wielder, from Wednesbury, West Mids, will be providing her daughter Leah, 11, with an unforgettable and expensive prom – including a £400 dress and a horse and carriage to take her there.

Leah had her nails, make-up and hair professionally done whilst also having a custom dress, balloon display, Pandora charm and a horse and carriage to lead her to the ball.

And mum Jennifer, a teaching student, claims she’s only giving her daughter what she deserves – and Leah has been waiting for the special day all year.

Pic By Dilantha Dissanayake / CATERS

Jennifer said: “My older daughter didn’t want to go to her prom, Leah was distraught that Katelyn wasn’t going because she wanted to see her in a special dress.

“When Leah found out about year six prom she nearly fell over in excitement, she couldn’t wait.

“I can’t really say no to her, I’m really soft on her so within reason she’ll always get the things she wants.

“We went to the shops and tried on some children’s dresses, I could see in her face that she did not like them, when she tried on a special adult dress her face lit up.

“She wanted everything to be done properly, her nails, hair, make-up and dress and I don’t see why she shouldn’t be allowed those things if we can provide it for her.

Pic By Dilantha Dissanayake / CATERS NEWS

“She didn’t want to go in a limo like the other kids and I knew that she wanted a horse and carriage, it’s every little girl’s dream so we managed to get hold of one.

“She’s a girly girl so this sort of event is perfect for her, as soon as we picked her up from school on the day our first stop was her professional make-over.”

Leah added: “I had been looking forward to this night for ages and it was perfect, mum and dad really made me feel special.

“My hair and makeup were amazing and I wish I could wear my dress every day!”

Leah’s big day fell on July 18, 2019, a date which she had in her head since she first found out there would be a prom at the end of primary

Pic By Dilantha Dissanayake / CATERS NEWS

Leah’s mum, Jennifer, decided that Leah should have whatever she wants for her special day because it’s a day she would remember for years to

Jennifer said: “These are all things that she wants to do, I couldn’t say no to her, we’ve even got some special champagne flutes with her name on them, not with real champagne though of course!

“I know there’s an argument between parents about whether or not large amounts of money should be spent on proms, but I figure that if I can get her what she wants then I don’t see the harm in pulling out all the stops for her.

“These days are special for children, and girls more so because they get to become the princess they have spent years seeing in the Disney films.

“We spent what we could, and we didn’t go without to be able to give her this special day, and I know how much she enjoyed it so it was worth every penny.

Pic By Dilantha Dissanayake / CATERS NEWS

“I think the important thing was that my little girl got to have the day she envisioned in her head and I wanted to make it a reality for her.”

Leah was led to her ball in a horse and carriage because she didn’t want to be like everyone else and arrive in a limo.

Jennifer said: “My friend was in the process of making a carriage and said he could have it ready for Leah in time for the prom.

“It wasn’t free by any means, but it was great to be able to have someone who could get this sorted for us and I know Leah absolutely loved it.”

Leah was treated to the prom of her dreams, and after getting picked up from school at lunch time she was pampered by her parents for the day they knew she would never forget, sassing her way to the dance dressed to the nines.

Jennifer said: “She’s always been a bit of a diva and always knows what she wants, or how she wants something to be, and on this occasion because her sister decided to opt out of her prom we decided that we could go the extra mile for Leah.

Pic By Dilantha Dissanayake / CATERS NEWS

“She had a really lovely time, and I’m sure she’ll be talking about it for a long time to come so in the end I think it was all worth it.”


Hair: £20

Makeup: £40

Dress: £410

Nails: £40

Accessories: £90

Pandora Charm: £40

Horse pulled carriage: £350

Balloon display: £50

TOTAL: £1,040