Animals Video

By David Aspinall

A grumpy octopus clearly didn’t want his picture taken as he wrapped his tentacles around a diver’s lens.

Anne-Marie Hazenberg was diving off the Caribbean island of Curacao on July 10 when she came across a common octopus.

As she filmed it swimming through the reef, the curious cephalopod stared down the lens of the camera before leaping forward and grabbing on with its tentacles.

With the suckers being captured amazingly clear through the camera, the octopus lets go after a few seconds before swimming off and camouflaging itself.

Anne-Marie said: “I didn’t see it coming and was surprised about the strength and power of the attack.

“At the same time, I was thrilled and most of all very thankful to have the opportunity to observe this beautiful species.

“We managed to capture its natural behaviour from different angles and be a live witness to it changing colours all the time.

“The octopus didn’t seem to be irritated by us swimming along as he allowed us to stay with him.

“I think it was more interested in the camera’s bubble shaped case acting as a mirror to itself.”