Offbeat Video

By Neo Bye

This is no ordinary sweet vendor but a mesmerising display of sugar work as this woman constructs sugar candy sticks in amazing shapes.

Yousef Elaskary was in the Asia International Hotel, Guangzhou, China, when he noticed the candy stall with the talented sugar artist.

In the video, Yousef captures the moment that the vendor melts the sugar and begins to draw the shapes and objects.

She begins with a butterfly, carefully creating the wings and the body with small, intricate details without a mistake.

Next she moves onto a delicate rose, cautiously outlining the design by retracing the lines to ensure that entire shape can be complete in one, smooth motion.

Yousef said: “She was crafting all kinds of shapes and sculptures using sugar syrup.

“She crafted a lot of really detail full shapes, like roses and butterflies.

“I was really impressed by how easy it was for her to craft such beautiful shapes in seconds!”