Amazing Video

By William Lailey

This amateur photographer snapped some of the most detailed pictures of the moon ever taken – all from the comfort of his own backyard.

The amazing images, taken earlier this year in Elk Grove, California, by business development executive, Andrew McCarthy have been shared
thousands of times on social media for their intricate level of detail.

The NASA-rivalling images are made up of thousands of photos of different tiny segments of the moon stitched together to make one final
composition of the moon in a level of detail that begs belief.


Now, with the 50th anniversary of our species’ first visit to the earth’s rocky satellite just days away, these stunning pictures have never before
had a more fitting reason to be shown to the world.

Andrew said: “I am a big fan of space images, I remember when the first photos started coming from the Hubble Space Telescope, and they
helped inspire me to get into this hobby.

“I grew up reading about the lunar missions, and they seemed so other-worldly to me, this country was united towards an ambitious cause, and
as a result we accomplished the impossible.

“I received thousands of comments about my pictures, and they are all complimentary in nature., I am thankful to be able to inspire so many
people with my images.


“The moon dominates our night sky for two weeks out of the month, making deep sky photography more difficult but I just I learned to embrace

Being fascinated by space is what drove Andrew to follow this hobby, and as a result has some truly one-of-a-kind images that could inspire any
other budding photographer to do the same. and hopes to use these images to inspire others to do so.

Andrew, 35, said: “In the past decade, the potential for amateur astrophotographers has improved tremendously thanks to advancements in cameras and software.

“Anybody who loves space could do this hobby, it requires experience and patience, I recommend connecting with local astronomy groups if you are interested in getting started.


“I encourage people interested to get involved with local astronomy clubs to learn more about amateur astronomy and astrophotography.

“Today we are seeing a new kind of space race, one fuelled by capitalism, rather than politics or war.

“In our lifetimes, we will definitely see humans return to the moon.

“This would have been impossible without the bravery and vision of all those men and women who worked together towards mankind’s greatest
achievement 50 years ago.”