Amazing Video

By Mikey Jones

Fascinating pictures have emerged of divers exploring the crystal clear waters located between two continents.

The pictures were taken in Silfra which enables divers to explore both North American and Eurasian tectonic plates.

Lidija Jovisic, is a project manager and ‘dream broker’ at Dive.Is and leads many diving tours in the euphoric waters.

Anders Nyberg / DIVE.IS / CATERS NEWS

She explained: “The diving video at the beginning shows some popular touristic sites, such as Gulfoss and Geysir.

“Furthermore, it goes over the Thingvellir national park tectonic plates and the underwater fissure, Silfra.

“It also shows how the guides are helping the customers with the suits and brief about the site and safety.

Anders Nyberg / DIVE.IS / CATERS NEWS

“The video continues with some underwater shoots which capture the perfect visibility while diving between the two tectonic plates and divers enjoying this exquisite experience.”

The water is said to be so clear that people are able to easily see 100m in front of them making them able to appreciate the panoramic views properly.

Apparently many experienced divers come to Iceland with the specific intention to come dive Silfra and experience this amazing site first hand.