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By Kristina Hall

This talented boy loves music and sports like any other teenager but he is also a professional tattoo artist – aged just 13.

Ezrah Dormon or Sharky, 13, from Panama City, Panama has his own studio where he has done more than 130 tattoos.

He first started when he was just 11 by helping complete his mum’s tattoo and he hasn’t stopped ever since.

PIC FROM @eztheshark / Caters News

Ezrah who is a Amador Academy student is currently studying art and enjoys inking people on his free time.

He said: “I did my first tattoo at 11 years old when I assisted a tattoo artist that was tattooing my mum.

“It looked very cool to me when I was watching and when I said I’d like to do it one day she asked if I wanted to try it under her guidance.

“I ended up colouring in all the red to one of my mum’s flowers- I loved doing it and it came easy to me to do.

PIC FROM @eztheshark / Caters News

“I am now studying realism art with a professor as well as traditional art, working on my painting and shading techniques and my vision is to be the considered the top in my field when I’m older.

“Tattooing isn’t just about needle or ink to skin, it’s about painting, drawing, learning the traditions and respecting the art.

“Every day I’m trying to learn more, practice more so that I’m just not considered a kid doing something to get noticed.

“I spend hours in conversations and learning from some of the best tattooists in the world and I’m super grateful.

PIC FROM @eztheshark / Caters News

“I work hard to pay for the supplies I need and to help me travel as well.

“It’s important to me to be taken seriously and the only way that can happen is if I work hard, study and show the world I know my stuff and I’m good at it.

“People are very shocked by my age-when they come get a tattoo they tell me they forget how old I am. “