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By Mollie Mansfield

A dad-of-two has captured amazing drone footage showing an incredibly rare albino humpback whale calf swimming alongside its mother.

Mark Zucconi, 53, was taking his drone for a spin on the shores of Macmasters Beach, New South Wales, Australia, on July 11, when he came across an unusual sight.

Trying to get a better look at what he saw, Mark, from Kincumber, Australia, followed the whales and – upon closer examination – saw an albino humpback whale calf, who he believes to be approximately 13 to 16-months-old.

PIC BY Mark Zucconi / CATERS

Researching into his sighting, the drone operator was left ecstatic as he claims to have captured one of only five known white whales in the world on camera.

Mark said: “The video shows the journey north of a humpback whale, her escort and her white Juvenile.

“I captured the footage from the shore, 1.8km away from the whales.

“In the video you can see the white calf enjoying the calm waters off of Macmasters Beach, playfully displaying its breaching talents under the watchful eyes of its mum and guardian.

PIC BY Mark Zucconi / CATERS

“There are only four other known white whales in the world making them extremely rare.

“Having spotted the whales, I was very excited but when I noticed the white calf it just made the day a little more special.

“It is a very humbling experience to get a birds eye view of these majestic creatures and I felt honoured that they put on such a great display while I was there and that I was able to travel even just a fraction of their journey with them.”