Animals Video

By Jack Mobley

This adorable pup was scared for this couple who were on a paddle board, seeing her go out into the lake and retrieve the pair and bringing them back to shore.

Clay Lindquist was able to capture the hilarious moment when rescue dog Joey grabbed the trailing leash from the paddle and began swimming back to shore at Cascade Lake, Idaho.

Clearly trying to save the man and woman on the board, Joey towed the paddle board with the rope in her mouth.

After beaching the board, Joey let the elastic leash go and splashed the pair in the process.

Clay said: “We laughed our asses off, kind of a laugh and happy cry because she is so damn cute.

“We like to think she was trying to save them, she did it multiple times.

“Or she was just tired of no one playing with her so she thought she would bring us in to playing fetch with her.

“Joey is hyper intelligent, extremely calm, sweet, and goofy.”