Amazing Video

By Jack Mobley

This mechanic has built the seats of this estate over the bonnet of the vehicle, transforming it into the world’s best convertible.

Emile Luijben, from Baarle-Nassau, in The Netherlands, selected a Volvo V40 for this project and attached poles that three seats could fitted on, also fitting the steering wheel and pedals.

Emile and his two assistants test the creation’s capabilities, racing around the yard while sitting high above the vehicle.

The brakes and balance contend with each other as the mechanics completely offset the weight distribution, leading to some fun filled clips.

As Emile brakes, the heavy front-end rocks forward and lift the back end.

The heavy front end allows Emile to perform ‘stoppies’, the seats and the passengers nearly touch the floor with the entire back portion of the car leaving the ground.

Emile continues to play and scuff the car, trying to edge closer to the ground with each endo.

Emile said: “We do what we like most and hope to inspire other people to start their own projects.

“The ideas just pop into my head, so I keep a list of creations I would like to build, sometimes we just pick one and start building.

“I like disassembling old machinery to find the parts I need to build something completely different.

“I enjoy testing the vehicles most, the test is the climax of the build.”