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By Federico Cornetto 

A talented artist is creating mesmerizing paintings using only patterns of dots. 

Professional artist Brandon Rollin, 34, from Boulder, Colorado, has been practising pointillism, or dotted art, for a whole 16 years.

Brandon creates hypnotising pieces, some abstract and some representing subjects of nature such as bees and trees, by applying the paint onto the canvas in precise successions of dots. 

Pic by Caters News

Pic by Caters News

Brandon’s passion for this art form began during art classes in high school and has now become his full-time job.

Brandon said: “One professor really pushed me to pursue this art form and it quickly became a passion of mine. 

“Vance Kirkland, a fellow Colorado artist, was another huge inspiration to me with his visionary dot paintings.

“After 16 years practising pointillism, there is no question on whether I have improved over time. 

“Looking back on some of my earlier pieces, it is apparent that with lots of practise I have gained more control over the size and placement of the dots.” 

Pic by Caters News