By Jos Weale

This is the moment a brazen pensioner drove down the middle of the road in a mobility scooter and unleashed a tirade of abuse at a driver who tried to rush him – while ‘stinking of booze’.

The exasperated motorist says he encountered the elderly man trundling down a Southport road at 11.30am on April 18, and claims he smelt ‘like he had been drinking for days.’

The footage shows the old man slow down in the road, which the drive believes was deliberately to ‘annoy’ him, before repeatedly sticking up his middle finger.

The driver, who did not wish to be identified, claims that the shameless scooter rider also subjected him to a barrage of expletives while seemingly ‘drunk’.

The anonymous dashcam owner, 33, said: “I was driving along and he just started slowing right down. You can see his brake light come on in the video.

“I couldn’t tell what he was doing. When he saw me in his mirror he started to slow down.

“I was in a bit of a rush – I had my wife and two-year-old son on board – and when he put the brakes on that was when I wound my window down and asked him to move.

“That was when the smell of alcohol hit me. He smelled like he’d been drinking for days.

“I said, ‘Just go,’ and when he slowed down more I beeped my horn. Then he started to stick his finger up at me.

“He stopped and just started to shout and swear at me and tell me to f*** off.”

The stunned driver says he had to work hard to control his anger as the old man continued to block his path and swear at him.

He claims he had to resort to manoeuvre around the scooter to progress with his journey, as the pensioner refused to move.

The Southport-based motorist said: “I was shocked. I see a lot of things on the road. But I’ve never seen anybody on a mobility scooter driving on the road like that.

“I felt angry. In my opinion it’s still drink driving as well. It’s not right. Even if it’s a mobility scooter, surely that’s against the law too?”

And he says that mobility scooters can pose a big threat on the roads, with both drivers and the mobility scooter user themselves at risk.

He said: “These mobility scooters aren’t safe.

“Some of these scooters can go really fast as well. I don’t think they should be allowed on the roads. It’s dangerous for them as well, they aren’t protected at all.

“If they are on the roads and aren’t insured too and there’s an accident, then it falls on the other driver’s insurance.

“If I’d been on my own and not had my family with me at the time I’d have probably said more to the man and reported it to the police.”