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By Peter Goddard

Two teens decided to opt for something a bit different for their school prom – and turned up in wheelbarrow!

Pip Thorn, 10, and Amelie Horn, 11, chose to arrive at their glitzy Year 6 end of year leaving do in their dad’s wheelbarrow’s instead of arriving in a limo or posh sports car.

The pair donated the money they would have used on their fancy rides to charity.

Proud mum Sophie Thorn, 34, said: “Pip was offered to go in a limo and she and Amelie said ‘it’s a waste of money, it’s silly’.

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“The girls said we want to do something different and give the money to charity so that someone else can benefit.

“I joked and said the girls could go in anything.”

Sophie suggested to the girls that they opt for wheelbarrows as their mode of transport.

She asked who the pair wanted to donate the money and Sophie instantly said the Osbourne Trust.

The Trust was launched in 2014 to support the children of cancer sufferers.

Pics from Caters News

Sophie said Pip was inspired to give her £35 limo fee to the charity after her former teacher Sarah West was diagnosed with cancer.

Pip and Amelie arrived at the prom pushed by their proud dads.

Pip said: “I decided to go in a wheelbarrow because the other options were very expensive so I just thought I’d go in a wheelbarrow and donate the money to a charity.

“When we turned up everyone started clapping at us.

Pics from Caters News

“I felt that I need to donoaten the money to the Osbourne Trust because I wanted to help someone of the same age.”

Sara said: “I loved it, I taught Pip when she was in her first class so I was really touched, a few tears may have been shed.”

Emma Osbourne from the Osbourne Trust said: “Young people get such a bad press but we were really honoured these amazing young girls chose to help us!”