Offbeat Video

By Jack Mobley

This ice cream parlour combines taco bell cuisine with sweet vanilla ice cream to create a fusion of weird and wonderful treats.

At Ice Cream Rollery in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, Rashad Mosley has been creating a concoction of tacos flavoured ice cream.

The experiment is a part of a series of videos that sees Rashad chop up and mix in various non-ice cream related flavourings.

Taco Bell’s signature item is unwrapped and presented before the ice cream is poured over the shell on the cold plate.

The mixing begins, the taco is crushed and blended with the ice cream while the cold top plate solidifies the mixture.

The spatulas satisfyingly rolls the ice cream ready for serving and is topped with hot sauce to add an extra kick to the taco-based treat.

Rashad said: “Our entire YouTube channel is dedicated to making weird combinations with the rolled ice cream that we would not be able to offer in the store.

“Out of the disgusting combinations we have used so far – Wendy’s chicken nuggets, Domino’s Pizza, fries – this by far tasted the worse.

“But with all of the new combinations we have planned for the near future, it will make the Taco Bell roll seem like an Angel.

“We would never offer this to our customers in the store, unless they requested it.”