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By Joe McFarlane

One brave doggo likes to take to the skies with his hang-gliding enthusiast owner.

Goofy, the five-year-old Australian Shepherd isn’t your average dog, who are satisfied with chomping on a stick, preferring to take to the skies with his hang-gliding owner.

Owner and professional hang-glider pilot, Erik del Rincon, noticed that whenever he took off for flight, his energetic pooch would eagerly chase after him.

Pic By Erik del Rincon / CATERS NEWS

Realising that Goofy wanted to take to the skies with him, Erik decided to safely strap his daredevil dog into the hang-glider with him, though the first time wasn’t a resounding success.

Erik said: “Ever since I started flying, Goofy would chase me whenever I got in the air.

“You could tell in my take offs that he wanted to come along, so when I got good enough to take him, I did.

“On his first flight he was nervous, as we all are. Then when we landed, he was walking slow, like he was dizzy, so I thought maybe he didn’t like it.”

Pic By Erik del Rincon / CATERS NEWS

However, after getting used to soaring 2330 ft above the beautiful landscapes of Valle de Bravo, Mexico, Goofy quickly fell in love with his newfound, adrenaline pumping hobby.

Erik said: “On Goofy’s second flight he was super happy.

“When we landed, he was jumping on me, moving his tail and it was obvious he loved being in the air with me.”