Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane

A motorist spotted a wild alligator on the side of a boulevard struggling against the strong waters caused by tropical Storm Barry.

Major tropical Storm Barry has been wreaking havoc on certain parts of USA, including Waveland, Mississippi.

While braving the storm and flooded roads to get back to dry safety on July 12, Kathryn Justice, 42, spotted a very unusual site on the side of South Beach Boulevard.

While taking it slow and steady in her car, Kathryn spotted a five-foot long American alligator struggling in the floodwaters, seemingly lost and confused.

As the gator tried to make it back out into the water, the strong flood waters pushed the poor creature back out into the middle of the boulevard, causing Kathryn and other drivers to cautiously avoid the displaced animal.

Kathryn said: “It was heart wrenching to see that humans and pets were not the only ones feeling the effects of the weather.

“We often forget when the water comes in, that there are creatures outside that are displaced with it.

“There are swamps with brackish waters not too far from the area and I am guessing that the Alligator’s home got inundated with saltwater being pushed in from the storm.

“Hopefully he eventually found his way back to the marshes.”