Offbeat Video
By Iain Watts

This bizarre festival sees dozens of men dress up as crows and dance through the streets.

The Moulton Crow Fair, held every July in Moulton in Cheshire, saw villagers don the unusual full body costumes – complete with black wings and yellow beaks – before parading through the village in a tradition which has been running since the 1920s.
The original crow dance, in which the crows gather to circle a central scarecrow before scattering when they are ‘shot’ by a farmer, was originally performed by unemployed men for prize money during the Depression.
Moulton is believed to be the only place in the world where the unusual pageant takes place, with video footage filmed on Saturday revealing the surreal scenes.
The dance was initially performed incognito as the dancers are completely unrecognisable in their crow costumes, and even today the identities of the dancers remain a closely guarded secret.