By Federico Cornetto

This is the touching moment a man spotted a woman about to jump from a bridge and convinced her to get off the ledge.

Ray’Veontae Harris, from Omaha, Nebraska, was walking through the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge across the Missouri River when he noticed a young woman standing on the ledge and leaning forward with her whole body.

Ray’Veontae was live streaming on his phone when he quickly turned his attention to the distressed lady on July 9.

“Are you okay? What’s wrong?” he asked the woman, who can be heard sobbing.

“No” she cried, as Ray’Veontae invited her to get off the ledge and sit down.

Ray’Veontae said: “I looked closer and I saw tears, I knew this was a suicidal situation.

“She was standing on the rail and had her legs on the gate.

“Nobody was helping her and people were walking past.

“Her family messaged me saying, ‘Thank you so much, she got to come back home’.

“I don’t want to say the lady’s name because it hasn’t been confirmed by her.

“I’m keeping in touch with her after what happened, I felt like I needed to be there and I learned to be a better person.”