Nature Video
By Mikey Jones

This incredible footage shows a time-lapse of a meteor exploding -caught on camera while the Photographer was sleeping.

Shot earlier this year on May 31, the jaw-dropping footage was snapped by Belgian astro-photographer, Matthew Vendeputte, at Mount Peaple animal sanctuary, La Sal, Utah.
Whilst camping out at an animal sanctuary, Matthew kept his camera rolling throughout the night, on the off chance it would capture some star photos.

PIC BY Matthew Vandeputte / CATERS NEWS

But he was stunned after checking his footage the next day and realising he had caught to the exact moment a meteor exploded and created a beam of light in the sky.
What’s more interesting is that he created a time-lapse of the entire shoot, and when the meteor explodes at around 2am, the explosion can be seen in breath-taking slow motion.
Matthew said: “I woke up at night to set up my camera in the freezing cold to shoot a sequence of the milky way moving behind the lodge we were staying at.

PIC BY Matthew Vandeputte / CATERS NEWS

“Around 2am a huge meteor entered our atmosphere and exploded, which resulted in the bright flash.

“I’m over the moon with the shot, I had a shot of a similar bolide years before, but it wasn’t nearly as big or as well framed as this one.
“The trail is called a persistent train, not too much is known about these because they are hard to capture as you can’t predict when and where they will happen.”

PIC BY Matthew Vandeputte / CATERS NEWS

Since the video went live online it has amassed over a quarter of a million views on YouTube and continues to grow.
Matthew said: “People are amazed and fascinated, and it shows in the statistics, I keep getting notifications about YouTube comments and Twitter retweets.
“People think shooting Astro photography is difficult, but it’s just the same as shooting photos during the day.
“The only difference is that you’re using longer exposures on a tripod, and you need to know where to point the camera at the right time of year.”