Offbeat Video
By Jack Mobley

This woman allowed her fungal toes get out of hand but Miss Foot Fixer stepped in to rectify the grotesque digits.

In her medical clinic on Harley Street, London, Marion Yau set to fixing her patient’s foot.
Using her specialised podiatry tools, Marion first cleaned the nails and toes of the patient with the fungal bacteria being blown away by a small, high pressurised water jet.
Marion then tackles the nearly unrecognisable nail situated on the big toe; she does her best to remove the majority of the fungi that had consumed her nail with a clipping tool.

Pic By Caters News

Once most of the fungi had been removed Marion blasted away any of the remaining infection with the water jet, unveiling the toenail that was previously obstructed by the fungi.
Marion said: “This patient was worried about her toenail as she had taken off her nail polish and saw it was green.
“Trauma, over pedicure, contamination from dirty pedicure salon’s tools, long term exposer to water, long term use of nail polish or gel polish can be some of the causes.
“The nail can look unsightly and discoloured and the nail can become thick and this can lead to pain within the toe.
“We cleaned as much of the infection away and took the nail for testing to check for fungus and bacteria and a topical medication was prescribed.
“As you can see that there is significant damage to the nail, therefore there will be attaching issue with the nail as the nail bed has been damaged.”