Video Viral

By Joe MacFarlane

This sensational surfing T-Rex has been caught on camera in a gut-busting clip.

The man behind the suit, Robert Tarberry tried out a new hydrofoil on June 10 which allows for easier and more stable surfing.

In the hysterical video, Robert gets a tow from his friends on a lake in North Conway, New Hampshire, before riding the bow-wave of the boat on the hydrofoil.

The T-Rex suit gets caught in the wind and drag giving the suit more character and life with the tilted head.

Robert safely jumps off and awaits rescue from his pre-arranged spotter.

Robert said: “A friend had the suit and had never seen someone surf in it, so we said what the heck let’s try it.

“The hydrofoil always feels great to surf.

“While we had a spotter who dove in once I fell, the suit was actually quite buoyant and it was overall pretty safe, I also had a life jacket on underneath.”