Life Video

By William Lailey and Dan Coles

A woman who had her NOSE removed after a rare disease rotted her face away has revealed she now has a whole collection of prosthetic noses for different occassions – including a new “drunk nose” to match her flushed face when having a few drinks.

Jayne Hardman, 49, from Redditch, Worcestershire, had her nose removed in November 2017 after developing Wegener’s granulomastosis – a rare disease that rotted the flesh on her nose – after being headbutted by her dog.

Since the diagnosis, in 2014, and amputation in 2017, she now has a collection of magnetic noses at her disposal to attach to her face – and has recently acquired a ‘drinking nose’ – that’s red and matches the colour of her face when she’s had a few drinks.

Jayne has spent £3000 on her collection of noses, that she keeps in an old tea box – but says the bizarre collection actually has helped her to feel normal again.

Pic by William Lailey/Caters News

The latest prosthetic in her collection is one she calls her “summer” or “drunk” nose which she wears when she’s out in summer because her usual one doesn’t match the rest of her body when she catches the sun or gets a bit tipsy.

Jayne said: “They use a little gadget that they put on your face which matches the tone needed for the prosthetic, it’s kind of like highlights.

“They make it look as life like as possible, and with this new drunk nose, I keep it in my handbag and pop it on after having a few drinks which matches perfectly.

“I had six years of looking so awful, one of my friends shared a picture of us years ago and my nose was awful, swollen and dented.

“Now that I look normal and don’t stand out in a crowd, I’m just so thankful for the service my prosthetic has given me.

Pic by William Lailey/Caters News

“I’m so more appreciative of the natural elements of my body and its empowering now being able to walk around without people stopping their cars to look at me.

“When I’m out in the sun, or having a drink, sometimes people ask questions about it, but it doesn’t happen as much as you would think.

“My husband always wants to tell people about it so they understand what has happened with me and with poor mental health or without him and my kids I probably would have topped myself when my nose started collapsing.

“The new nose is amazing; it makes me feel so confident when I’m out – I appreciate that it’s bizarre and I understand when I see people pull faces, but my inner strength has pulled me through this situation for the better.”

Pic by William Lailey/Caters News

Jayne had her nose removed in November 2017 after developing a type of vasculitis, Wegener’s granulomatosis – a rare disease that rotted the flesh on her nose – after being head-butted by her dog.

The family dog, Cece, a 14-stone Neapolitan mastiff, knocked into Jayne’s face in January 2014 and caused her nose to swell.

Later that year both nostrils collapsed and in fear the autoimmune disease would destroy more facial features, the doctors had no other choice to amputate her nose.

Jayne was left with a hole in her skull but in January 2017, after four prototype prosthetics, Jayne was given her magnetic nose.

Despite spending three years being unable to leave the house due to people looking at her in horror, Jayne has found a new lease of life in her prosthetics.

Pic by William Lailey/Caters News

Jayne: “I can’t begin to explain how happy I am with my new nose, I have my normal nose that I wear day to day, and my drunk nose comes out when I’ve been drinking.

“Once you lose something you start to notice everyone else’s, Jennifer Aniston has a great nose, and I notice these things because I’ve lost mine.

“I remember telling the prosthetics that If they’re going to remove my nose, they better be able to replace it with what I want.

“Even eating something before was horrible, I had to cover my mouth because to breathe my mouth had to be open.

“You could see people recoiling in horror, stopping traffic to look at me.”

Pic by William Lailey/Caters News

Jaynes first had a glue on nose that she hated, then got a magnetic nose which was much better but it was noticeable if she was in weather conditions that didn’t match her body.

When she would go out and became sun burnt or even slightly pink, her nose would still be pale which would make it very noticeable to people looking at her.

Jayne said: “This new nose is perfect, it magnets on and I can put it on whenever I need to.

“I can’t express enough how happy I am, the entire process has been life changing.”