Animals Video

By Jamie Smith

He’s behind you! This kayaker was in for a real shock – when a WHALE popped up to say hello just metres from his boat.

Morten Bjørkmann, 51, from Tromsø in Northern Norway, has visited this spot for the past few years to find whales but this time he noticed they had moved paths.

But IT Consultant Morten was stunned when he found more than he bargained for – and managed to capture a huge whale popping up to say hello over his shoulder.

The video was taken in a fjord close to Skjervøy, Norway.

He said: “Humpback whales hunt for herring and this is why they were not on their usual path, we used the Marine Traffic website to find them.

“They have a variety of ways to hunt for herring. One of their methods involves a high degree of teamwork.

“You can see me in the yellow kayak with three humpback whales breaking the surface right behind me.

“It was an absolutely awesome day!”