Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane 

With the #bottlecapchallenge taking the internet by storm, one amputee decided to throw his leg into the ring, literally.

With 2019’s viral sensation getting a bit stagnant, one man decided to shake things up, by completing the challenge in amputee style.

Johnny Maynard, 29, sadly lost his right leg in an industrial accident when a baling machine severed his leg at the shin, resulting in surgery taking it up to a few inches below the knee.

But the loss of his leg has stopped Johnny from living his life, and decided that on July 9, the ninth anniversary of him losing his leg, which Johnny dubs as his “Ampuversary”, he’d put a hilarious spin on the Bottle Cap Challenge.

Filmed in his home in Orlando, Florida, the retail manager detached his artificial leg and used it to gently tip the cap off the bottle.

Johnny said: “I wanted to take part in the viral challenge to show that while being an amputee has many obstacles, it’s not all bad and can be fun at times too.

“I thought it was hilarious and perfectly captured the vision I had.

“If people take anything away from my video, I’d want them to see life can go on and it can be quite fun with the right attitude.”