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By Federico Cornetto

A team of urban explorers visited a sinister abandoned submarine, spending a whole 12 hours inside of it.

Dutch urban explorer Bob Thissen, 33, and his team entered the craft, which is still moored at a naval base in Lisbon, Portugal, in the middle of the night.

They spent 12 hours inside the submarine which they found to be perfectly intact, kitted out with a fridge, toilet, written registers and even board games.

PIC FROM Caters News

The craft, named Delfim, which means dolphin in Portuguese, belonged to the Portuguese navy and has been sitting at the dock abandoned for nearly 14 years.

Bob said: “I found out about this submarine on some pictures online and I decided to visit it.

“It is docked near a naval base, so we had to watch out not get seen.

“It was crazy to find it so intact; everything had been left there, you could just start it again and it would probably work.

PIC FROM Caters News

PIC FROM Caters News

“Every inch of the submarine is busy with equipment and it’s very narrow inside.

“We also slept in it, and we imagined what it would feel like sleeping in there when bombs are dropping all around you.”

The Delfim is 5778 metres long and 675 metres wide, armed with 12 torpedoes and able to carry a crew of over 50 people.