By Jos Weale

This is the hilarious moment three cheeky Dalmatians managed to get themselves trapped – on a precariously sloping ROOF.

Owner Grant Cleverley, 40, had been relaxing in his garden enjoying a glass of wine on a sunny weekend last month (March) when he looked up to spot his dotty dogs towering over 10 feet above him.


Sonic, Indie and Delilah’s sense of adventure apparently got the better of them after sneaking through a first-floor bathroom window onto the sloped tiles – knocking their exit shut with their bottoms.

But the pooches were apparently unscathed by their lofty adventure, according to tree surgeon Grant.

Grant, from Portholland, Cornwall, said: “My girlfriend was looking after another Dalmatian, Delilah, so she brought her around to play with Indie and Sonic.

“As soon as they got together they were off, running around.

“We were just sitting about in the garden having a glass of wine when I looked up and saw the dogs just up there on the roof.

“It’s probably at least ten foot high.


“I dashed off inside pretty much glass still in hand to go and get them and my girlfriend got the pictures of them up there.

“The bathroom window is double opening, so they had managed to get out onto the roof and then Sonic had knocked it shut behind them with his bum so they were stuck on there.”

But the dad-of-four says the mischievous pooches found their own solution to the problem – by taking a leap off the roof to the garden below.

“I got up to the bathroom but they managed to get themselves down – they just jumped straight off the roof.

“They were completely unscathed, totally fine.

“The dogs don’t usually go upstairs. Sometimes if I’ve been in the bath Sonic goes and sits out there because there is a view to the sea from there.


“But they’d all been running around together because Delilah had been there too and ended up out there.”

Indie, four, has been with dad-of-four Grant since she was a puppy – and Sonic, now one, was part of Indie’s own litter.

Grant said the dogs areincredibly important to him following a previous break up.

Grant said: “I used to have a huskie, and wanted to get another dog.

“My seven-year-old son who loves the 101 Dalmatians film asked if we could get a dalmatian – and I thought, why not?

“Then, when Indie had her litter, we kept Sonic as well.


“Those dogs have probably saved my life, or at the very least my sanity.

“Dalmatians have very individual personalities. They’re great, and they have loads of energy.”

Grant shared the hilarious sight on Facebook following the dogs’ safe return to ground level.

And despite a few negative comments, he insists the dogs are absolutely fine following their lofty adventure.

“I just shared the picture on social media because I thought it was funny, 90 per cent of people saw the funny side.

“There were a few people with negative comments but the dogs were totally unscathed.”