By Federico Cornetto 

A five-year-old’s art skills have gone viral after he free-drew a life-size version of Sonic the Hedgehog on a pavement

Devon Mosley Jr., five, from Oakland, California, was filmed by his grandmother April Littlefield as he drew on the ground with his brother DeSani, four, on June 22. 

Devon accurately reproduced a life-size version of the SEGA character, showing great free-hand skills and wowing the more than 7 million people who watched his skills online.

April said: “We were at a birthday party and he was outside with the other kids drawing. 

“He drew his favourite character Sonic and people gathered around him impressed by his skills.” 

Twitter users loved Devon’s skills and cuteness too. 

One user wrote: “People trying to act like this ain’t impressive.  

“He’s literally drawing free-hand and completely from memory as a 5-year-old.” 

Professional artist Karla Ortiz also reached out to the boy, writing: “Please support the kid!   

“Feel free to contact me if you have any questions on the art world and much later on, on how to develop this skill! 

“It’s a joy to watch!”