Amazing Video

By Joe MacFarlane

A successful surprise proposal took place in the middle of a dance routine with the bride-to-be dancing suddenly stopped to the sight of her boyfriend on one knee.

Videographer, Lior Levi was able to capture the moment on April 2, in a Latin dance club in Yavne, Israel, when the club’s teachers set up a show.

Couples from the club show off their fancy footwork before Raz Margolin and her dance partner took to the floor.

While her back was turned to the crowd, boyfriend of six years Omer Hazoom quickly gets into the appropriate position on one knee.

Raz is then spun around in a picturesque moment of Omer posing the question to her, the room erupts in celebration and confetti.

The onlooking friends of the happy couple cheer in ecstasy while jumping around before Omer gets a chance to slide the engagement ring onto her finger.

Lior said: “It was very exciting, Omer talked to me the day before and told to me to be ready in the time.

“The plan was to make a show that all of the teachers and their assistants will dance and when the time comes, Omer will step in and pull the ring out when she was not looking.

“Everyone was really surprised; it was very overwhelming and touching.”

Lior revealed that there was some intricate planning to gather all of the teachers at once, as it was rare to see all employees at once, stating the reason was thanks to the establishment’s Instagram page reaching over 1000 followers.

At this moment, there are no concrete plans on when the couple will be wed.