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By Lucy Notarantonio

A young woman with a facial birthmark has been left furious after claiming that a make-up brand stole her videos to promote their ‘miracle foundation.’

Amy Elsegood, 27, was born with a birthmark – known as a port wine stain – on the left side of her face shortly after birth.

And in a bid to educate others, she began uploading her own make-up tutorials on YouTube two years ago to give others tips on the best camouflage products to use.

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But Amy, from Rippen, North Yorks, was left shocked when she claims one of her videos was posted on makeup brand Blissible’s social media two months ago.

Cosmetic surgery advisor, Amy, says she had no correspondence with the brand and did not give permission for her video to be shared further.

She is claiming the company is falsely advertising their products which are in fact Charlotte Tillberry on her video.

Amy said: “I was furious and shocked to find my video on Blissible’s Facebook page with the caption ‘full coverage foundation is back in stock’ – I have never even heard of this brand, never mind used their products.

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“I have spent years searching for products that cover up my birth mark and I don’t want to be associated with a brand that might not even work.

“I take pride in sharing what products have good coverage on social media as I know how difficult it can be to find a foundation that covers my birth mark and lasts all day.

“I will be gutted if I find out one of my followers have brought this foundation and it doesn’t work.

“I have a lot of young girls who follow me on social media, some of which have birthmarks too, which is why I share what products I use to cover them up.

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“I felt like a fraud even though I had no idea this was even happening. I emailed the company and the co-founder said she didn’t know about it either.

“I was also thanked for not ‘writing without taking any legal action’ which speaks for itself.

“They have used my face to make money and I don’t want to be associated with a brand that is immoral.”

The video was immediately removed after Amy complained via email but the requested settlement figure of £500 is yet to be paid.

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Amy is also a charity ambassador for Birthmark Support Group and she feels it is imperative to help other people with birthmarks feel comfortable in their own skin.

She adds: “I asked for a settlement figure as they have falsely advertised their product and made profit from using my face.

“I think I have a right to get paid too, the response to my offer was declined and I was offered $200 USD as a ‘small token of apology’.

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“I was then told the video went on to make ‘little to zero money’ which may be the case, but this action was copyright infringement and fraudulent.

“I haven’t heard anything more, but I am sharing this information to make other beauty influencers to be more vigilant online.

“It isn’t fair and I don’t intent on ever using Blissible’s products.”