Video Viral

By Chanel Livesey

A frustrated man ended up shooting a bottle after being unable to complete the #bottletopchallenge.

Ilez Khaniev and his brother Yusup, from Plievo, Russia, had been enjoying the new viral trend and decided to give it a go themselves.

After multiple attempts, Ilez gave it one last go, but missed again.

Stepping back on to his feet, he then drew out his gun and shot the bottle form point blank range.

Ilez said: “I tried many times but with no success.

“I got a little bit mad and told my brother that if I don’t succeed this time, I would shoot the bottle.

Also, I would like to say to the guys who are going to continue this challenge, please don’t use the guns.

“If you don’t know and obey all the safety rules, it may have a bad consequences.”