Animals Video Viral

By Jack Mobley

This talented dog is staking his claim as the best executed #bottlecapchallenge yet, having learned the trick in just one hour!

Cockapoo Percy and full-time dog trainer, Sarah Shapiro, have been working to be better than the rest of the competition when it comes to the viral trend, the bottle cap challenge.

In their home in Toronto, Canada, Percy was able to lift his leg up and flick the lid off the bottle in a never-before-seen trick.

Sarah was able to break down the trick and systematically train Percy in just an hour over the course of three sessions and plenty of treats.

Sarah said: “About two days ago I saw another challenge video, somebody used a drifting car to knock off the bottle cap and I thought it was brilliant, and I wondered if Percy would be able to do it.

“He had the two foundational skills I needed at the time we attempted the bottle cap challenge – back up and raise your rear leg – so it was just a case of combining them and adding in the bottle.

“It took me about an hour, over the course of three sessions.

“Percy is just a normal dog, dogs are incredible animals, and they’re capable of learning and doing amazing things.

“I hope I can inspire somebody out there to try trick training their dog, they might surprise you!”