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By Dan Coles

An adorable Golden Retriever has become an online celebrity – after his owners revealed he won’t go anywhere without his best friend, stuffed toy Fluffy.

Cute pooch Barley, one, was given his best friend, Fluffy, by owner Zita Butler, 31, a PR manager from Dublin, Ireland, and Marc Wisselo, 32, a sports producer from Amsterdam, Holland.

Ever since Barley laid eyes on Fluffy he has never left her side, when Barley wakes up Fluffy is his first priority and he brings her along to everything he does. Barley and Fluffy spend all day together, eating, sleeping, chilling and walking and Barley refuses to do any of those activities without her.

Pic By Marc Wisselo / Caters News

Marc and Zita set up an Instagram to show the world how close Barley and Fluffy are which now has nearly 100,000 followers and led to Barley and Fluffy becoming quite famous, with people stopping them in the street to say hello.

Zita said: “We have had them both since day one, Fluffy very quickly became Barley’s soul mate, they hang around together all day, it’s crazy.

“I don’t know if Fluffy is his child, sister or best friend but he will not do anything without her.

“The first thing Barley does every morning is bring Fluffy over to us to say good morning and whenever we go on a walk Fluffy has to come, when we bathe him Fluffy has to be there and they sleep next to each other every night.

“It just became a thing, we thought it was funny at first but then he really grew attached, it’s quite amazing.

Pic By Marc Wisselo / Caters News

“I remember when we needed a neck cone for Barley after he had an operation, so we had to get another one for fluffy so that Barley felt more comfortable with having the cone.

“We even have to take Fluffy on holiday with us, so they’ve been to Germany, France and Belgium together and have really seen the sights.

“We made an Instagram for them and it took off because all of the big golden retriever Instagram accounts started sharing it.

“We were in a bar yesterday and a girl came up to us and asked to pet Barley, when we said his name she couldn’t believe it because she followed him on Instagram.

“On any given day Barley and Fluffy can be stopped on the street by a lot of people, and if we don’t post pictures of them we get direct messages on Instagram making sure they’re ok.

“Myself and my partner are getting married this year and Barley is going to be the ring bearer, it’s quite crazy when you think about it, but the

Pic By Marc Wisselo / Caters News

Pic By Marc Wisselo / Caters News

relationship they have is so sweet and people respond to it so well.”

Marc and Zita adopted Barley in 2018 and bought his now soulmate, Fluffy, shortly before the adoption.

Zita said: “He completely fell in love with fluffy, I don’t know in what context, but I know that they won’t go anywhere without each other.”

Barley doesn’t do anything without Fluffy and they now share everything together, after a while, Zita set up an Instagram to show the world who Barley was, but also to show his adorable relationship with his stuffed toy.

Zita said: “Barley just brings Fluffy everywhere, we can’t really go out without both of them, so you’ll always see Fluffy safely held in Barleys mouth when we’re out exploring together.

Pic By Marc Wisselo / Caters News

“Retrievers have quite soft mouths and Barley really treats Fluffy like his pup, sister, or best friend.

Barley and Fluffy have nearly 100,000 followers on Instagram which in inundated with messages, likes and comments every day asking how they 201are together.

Now, when Barley is out with his best bud, they are frequently stopped by people who recognise the cute pair when they’re walking along the canals of Amsterdam.

Zita said: “It’s great, we have a self-built cargo bike and Barley and Fluffy sit with a front row view of the city as we ride around it.

“We’re not sure why Barley has such a connection with this stuffed toy but it’s an attachment that will not shake and it’s so cute seeing how much he cares for Fluffy every day.

“They really are inseparable.”