Animals Video

By Jamie Smith

These stunning images show a group of horses as you’ve never seen them before.

Taken by photographer Andrius Burba, 26, the photos show the horses from beneath a thick sheet of glass with their full profiles captured.

Andrius said the images took a team of 40 to pull off with the horses having to be painstakingly manouvered over the glass sheet on a purpose built wooden stage.

Pic by Underlook/Caters News

Andrius said: “For the horse project it was both difficult and easy task to find the right models for the photoshoot.

“I got very lucky and I found one woman whose horse was very trained and could walk almost on any surface.

“She also introduced us to one more person who is training his horses in the same way.

“For a horse photoshoot I needed to build a temporary photo studio adapted to the horses in such way so that I could photograph from underneath.

Pic by Underlook/Caters News

Pic by Underlook/Caters News

“I needed a team of approximately 40 people during the photoshoot. I would climb into the wooden box which was dug in a hole.

“On top there was a hardened glass of 30 mm thick. When the horse was on the glass I was giving the directions to people on top what to do.

“It was not as problematic as it might have been with other big animals. Horses are quite trained and smart.

“We had few horses who were very afraid, we didn’t photograph them though. The most difficult part was to change poses in the way we wanted. But in the end everything was very successful.”