Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane

A magnet enthusiast used his passion for magnetism to create one of the world’s most iconic structures, New York City’s Empire State Building, using over 20,000 balls.

If you’ve ever been to New York City and think the Empire State Building is impressive in reality, then you haven’t seen anything yet.

Italian magnet fan Mirko Pafundi, 44, has used his magnetic obsession to re-create New York’s famed structure.

Using over 20,000 magnetic balls at his home in Asti, Italy, Mirko the magnet expert spent an entire day designing, shooting and building the almighty structure.

Due to the relaxing nature of Mirko’s videos, he has discovered that his content has become highly appreciated by AMSR lovers, and by pushing himself even further to include intricate, colourful, interior patterns to his structures, has helped provide added satisfaction for his viewers.

Mirko said: “Each magnetic ball has its own magnetic field and a polarity.

“Looking at the video it seems trivial, but these sculptures are possible because the polarity of each magnet is oriented in the right way and built with a precise technique to prevent wrong connections.

“The most important thing is to determine which direction to give to the magnetic field of the entire structure. This choice conditions the construction technique.

“Then I do the design in order to maintain the proportions of the original. I also need to make a count of the spheres necessary even in terms of the colours needed.

“Throughout the process I am incredibly satisfied, not only when I complete it, but also throughout many phases of the construction.”