Animals Video

By Dan Coles

It’s unbelieva-WOOL! He might not look like the world’s luckiest pig thanks to his bizarre woolly coat – but this bizarre-looking pig has escaped death twice and now lives happily ever after with his girlfriend at a sanctuary.

Three-year-old Colin has had his bacon saved after being sent to a slaughterhouse TWICE by his previous owners – but dodged the butcher’s shop after a single digit was filled in incorrectly on his paperwork both times.

Just before being sent back to the slaughterhouse for a third time, he was saved by a farmer before finally being sent to The Farm Animal
Sanctuary in Evesham, Worcs, to live out his days in the sun, where he has settled down with girlfriend Gloria.

Pic by Michael Scott/Caters News

Colin has a very distinct look, as a Mangalica breed he grows a thick woolly coat making him look like a sheep-pig hybrid. The fluffy pig now
spends his time lounging in his pen, eating apples, rolling around in mud, eating cake specially made for him and loves nothing more than a
scratch on his head.

Farm Animal Sanctuary CEO, Janet Taylor said: “Colin is the friendliest pig we have ever seen, we have an adoption list for children to donate and come and visit him and he’s top of the list.

“He has his own special cake made for him every year for his birthday that he shares with his girlfriend Gloria.

Pic by Michael Scott/Caters News

“You normally wouldn’t introduce two estranged pigs to each other because they usually have a fight and get very territorial, when they start
fighting, they never stop.

“We popped Colin in with Gloria and they got on, Colin could have got on with any pig, but Gloria is a bossy madam and Colin knows his place.

“He’s a lovely lad.”

Colin was originally given to a newly wed couple who opened a little farm but after a couple of years it closed so he needed re-homing.

Pic by Michael Scott/Caters News

Janet said: “Unfortunately Colin’s two brothers were slaughtered on their first trip, but due to a misspelled word on his identification paperwork, twice, he was sent back as many times.

“Just before heading off for his third execution attempt, a lady bought the land that the newlyweds closed and was Colin was adopted by her, he lived there happily but with no other pigs to play with he got sad so he was sent to me.”

Colin’s unique appearance has children obsessed with him because he looks so different to every other pig on the farm.

Janet said: “The children can’t believe their eyes when they see him, his big woolly coat really draws attention when we have visitors.”