Video Viral
By Jack Mobley

This professional wakeboarder had seen various #BottleCapChallenge videos online, but took things to the next level by performing a 360 trick to flick the cap off.

Steel Lafferty from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, decided to take the Bottle Cap Challenge by using his unique skills to take it on.
In the video, filmed on July 3, Steel sets himself while holding onto the handle attached to the speed boat.
He then catches a wave and leaps up, executing an impressive 360 spin, clipping the bottle deliberately and pinging the cap off.
The pair out on the water cheer ecstatically and go back to retrieve the cap in the water.
Steel said: “I knew I could do it a really cool and different way.
“The difficulties were timing of the 360 to hit the cap perfectly, filming from the correct angle, making sure I didn’t whack my buddy Cody instead of the bottle and then going back and picking up the cap!”
“I couldn’t believe we actually did it, I thought there was a chance I could make it work but it was super difficult to connect perfectly,” he continued.
“The reaction has been unreal, so many shares, likes and comments.
“I’m just having fun, and I’m glad people liked the video.”