Offbeat Video Viral

By Jack Mobley

This incredibly talented performer displays his hypnotic rings that effortlessly spin and interchange.

Circus performer, Jesse Howard can easily and flawlessly perform mesmerising illusions with isolation rings that rotate and intertwine.

Starting out in his hometown of Melbourne, Australia, Jesse travels the world showcasing his unique and captivating talents.

The trick is rooted in the performer’s dexterity and manipulation of the rings to make them appear to lock into each other and spin as a unit.

The patterns seem almost mechanical in the execution, making the trick seem more impressive due the smooth nature.

Jesse said: “I love the focus and determination I can imbue the isolation rings with.

“My favourite reactions are of people who are experiencing it for the first time and can’t fully comprehend what they’re seeing.

“The skill itself is entirely based on dexterity.

“To some people it’s the most magical thing they’ve seen.”