Offbeat Video

By Charlotte Nisbet

These naughty triplets have been caught covering themselves and the sofa in NAPPY CREAM after their mum turned her back for two minutes.

Bemused Rebecca Wooldridge, 45, was in the kitchen when she was alerted to the mischief taking place in her lounge.

Triplet Amelia can be seen leading her mum, Rebecca, from Sutton Coldfield, West Mids, to the carnage in the next room.

The clips shows two-year-old triplets, Etta, and Maya-Albertine covering the sofa in nappy cream after smothering it over their hands.

Pic by @mummy_to_triplets_and_bro/Caters News

Rebecca says both her girls were put straight into the bath after their antics in May.

Full time mum-of-four, who documents the triplets antics on their Instagram page, @mummy_to_triplets_and_bro, said: “Etta is always causing mischief and with the help of Maya-Albertine, the pair covered the sofa chair in their nappy cream.

“I’d only left them alone for a couple of minutes when Amelia came running into the kitchen.

“I had no idea what I was about to witness but I grabbed my phone and began filming just incase it was funny, which is was.

Pic by @mummy_to_triplets_and_bro/Caters News

“Both myself and my husband, David, 49, never leave the girls unattended as we know they can cause so much mischief in just seconds.”

The triplets who were all born prematurely at 29 weeks aren’t strangers to causing mischief and even recruit their older brother, Felix, six, to join in when possible.

Rebecca added: “I can’t keep up when the four of them are planning their naughty antics.

Pic by @mummy_to_triplets_and_bro/Caters News

“It’s so funny though and although they do have a habit of ruining the house, as they’re always finding a way to decorate the furniture with crayons, pens, and now nappy cream.

“They were all born so premature and had a mixture of health problems that we’re just relieved they’re happy and healthy.

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