Nature Video

By Federico Cornetto

A tourist captured the up-close moment a gigantic column of smoke erupted from the Stromboli volcano.

Student Giacomo Colizzi, 21, from Rome, filmed the pillar of smoke bellowing from from the volcano-island in Sicily, on July 3.

The eruption has killed one tourist and injured one other, while beachgoers on the island jumped into the sea to escape ashes and rock fragments falling down from the mountain.

It was one of the most violent Stromboli eruptions ever registered according to the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, which monitors the volcano’s activity.

Giacomo, who filmed the scene from a boat on the Mediterranean Sea, said: “I had seen small eruptions before, but nothing like this.

“I was shocked especially as I thought of the damage the eruption caused on the island.”