Offbeat Video

By Federico Cornetto 

A crazy daredevil swung a huge anchor from a hook that he had inserted in his nasal cavity. 

Brad Byers, 59, from Pullman, Washington, USA, is an internationally renowned sword swallower, and has been dubbed the ‘Human Toolbox’ thanks also to his ability of inserting a running power drill into his nose and towards his brain. 

In his new chilling video, Brad inserts a hook inside his nasal cavity, from his nose all the way down to his mouth and attaches a massive anchor to it. 

The daredevil then swings the anchor in the air ten times with careful movements of his neck.  

With a dry sense of humour, Brad says: “I do impressions. 

“With this hook and this anchor, I will do my impression of a fishing trip gone horribly wrong.” 

Brad, who has been a performer for 44 years, says he is never afraid while performing his stunts. 

Brad said: “I can’t afford to be afraid while performing, as much of what I do is mental. 

“I have to be in the zone or it will not happen. 

“I always try to push the envelope of the stunts I perform, improving old ones and inventing new ones, I will never be satisfied with what I do. 

“Besides the hook I also drill, hammer nails, insert screw drivers, office paper spikes, jumbo safety pins, letter openers, spoons, ice picks, rat tailed combs and more.”