Offbeat Video

By James Speakman

A brainy schoolgirl has beat the boys to land the world Top Trumps title – despite only playing the game for two years.

Chloe Gornall, 10, beat hundreds of thousands of eager youngsters to land the coveted title – and become only the second female to EVER do so.

In the 12-strong final round played late last month, Chloe fended off her rivals by topping the scoreboard in subjects including science, engineering and volcanoes.

And she credits her amazing memory with helping her take home the title to Preston, Lancs.


Chloe said: “I can’t believe I’ve won.

“Keeping a cool head is the number one secret.

“But to be a champ you also need a good memory – I have a really good memory, and I think that helps me a lot as I could remember the card stats and best cards and know when to play them.

“Other than that, you need strategic play, to speak clearly and confidently when you declare your card stats – and a bit of Lady Luck.”

Since her victory, Chloe has been treated to prizes, dozens of Top Trumps gifts and toys, a trip away to Sherwood Forest, Nottingham, where the final was held with her family later this year and even a celebration assembly at school.


And despite her talents for the popular card game, she only first picked up a pack two years ago to play with younger sister Ella, seven.

Proud mum Alison, a designer, said: “Chloe certainly well and truly trumped the boys.

“She is very sporty and very competitive at anything she gets into.”


Top Trumps has been the global law of the playground for generations since first launching more than 40 years ago and has captured the zeitgeist of popular culture ever since – with its Toy Story 4 pack currently flying off shelves worldwide.

Cards from a themed pack are dealt face down, with players reading out one stat from five categories that they think has the best chance of winning.

The aim is to end up with all the cards by choosing the winning category and ‘trumping’ opponents in order to steal them.

Top Trumps executive Katie Lee said: “A huge congratulations to Chloe – it’s certainly one for the girls after years of males totally dominating the title.

“But this time round Chloe was in a class of her own, and we are so proud to have her as our Top Trumps ambassador.”