Amazing Video

By Joe McFarlane

A 50-year-old fitness fanatic has taken his work-out regime to the extreme by pushing his body’s limits by lifting tree trunks and ice hockey nets.

Steve Cardillo has managed to set-up his own successful weight belt company and has even written a book but he isn’t taking his mid-life easy, pushing his body to the limits with some truly extreme and even bizarre workouts.

Taking place at outdoor gym, AlphaEliteSys, in Massachusetts, some of the weights Steve has ended up lifting look like they’ve been plucked right out of a cartoon.

From chopped up tree trunks and giant dangling chains, to lifting weights on a surfboard and playing ice hockey with a rubber tyre and hammer, Steve’s extreme workouts are a spectacle in their own right.

Steve said: “I have squatted 600lbs, dead lifted 700lbs and benched 415lbs at a body weight of 208lbs.

“Leg day workouts with the H20 drop sets by far are the hardest. The most extreme workouts are when I do it in the winter. I have to keep moving to keep the muscles warm.

“My most unusual workouts would be anything I do pertaining to ice skating and training at the same time; whether it be squatting on skates, towing chains, pushing sleds.

“For my workouts, I use containers filled with water and wooden tree chips for plates due to the environment.

“When I complete a workout, I feel totally exhausted and the recovery time between these types of workouts are two to three days per body part.”