Offbeat Video

By Jack Mobley

This man rode his mountain bike off a roof onto a steep incline that used to the be the iconic El Toro stair spot.

Dylan Stark, 27, discovered that El Toro, consisting of a tall 20 step staircase, was being paved over for renovations to prevent skateboarding the obstacle.

Dylan found ways around the construction and security and got a widow of opportunity to make history.

The staircase had been transformed into a ramp of sorts while the changes were being made.


Scaling a roof that overhung the staircase, Dylan dropped into the staircase from a height and smashed into the ground but maintaining balance on the bike.

The approximately 20-25-foot drop in looked daunting and dangerous but Dylan was not willing to miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime.

Dylan said: “I grew up in this town, went to school there and it’s the most famous stair set in the whole world in the action sports community.

“They were tearing out the famous 20-stair set to make the stairs up to code and rumoured to be putting in big cement posts top and bottom to make it no longer ‘ride able’.

“I found out the night prior to the jump that the stair set was under construction, I knew the next day I would have a very small window to pull off the roof drop before they furthered construction.

“Before the jump I had the worst anxiety and stress, I knew if I didn’t get it done, I’d never have another chance again in my life.

“It was killing me inside, I couldn’t eat, think or function all day just could only think about one thing.

“But sometimes you have to just risk your life for no money but in the end the feeling that comes from that split moment can last forever in history.”