Animals Life Video

By Randal Coombs

A couple have an unusual pet and take their massive African Watusi everywhere with them – including to pet shops.

For Michelle Lumpkin, a lap dog isn’t enough, and she treats her African-Ankole Watusi, Oliver, as a member of the family at home in Liberty, Texas.

On one particular trip home, Michelle and her husband Vince had to stop off and buy some fish food, Oliver was invited into the local Petco branch.

With Vince leading the way, the 14-year-old colossal cattle guides his huge horns through two sets of automatic doors before accepting some friendly head pats.

Michelle said: “Everyone just adored him.

“There were no complications, everybody was just in awe.

“The Petco visit was not planned at all.

“That particular branch is where we go most of the time anyway so they know us and know about Oliver.

“I asked one of the workers called Megan if she wanted to come to the trailer and meet Oliver but she suggested bringing him in.

“So, I told Vince and he said sure let’s do it.

“We went out and put Oliver’s halter on and led him in.”

When Vince was growing up, he used to ride bulls – winning the Bud Light Super Bull World Championship in 1992 – hence his love for looking after cattle.

Oliver lives with his mum, sister and younger brother at the ranch and is such a gentle giant that he lets the family’s dog also ride on top of him.

Michelle said: “He eats probably three to four gallons of grain feed per day.

“Oliver gets along fine with the other animals.”