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By Jack Mobley

This mother gives her children the tools to make art but then builds on and works together with her kids to create incredible pieces of art.

Ruth Oosterman, 31, and her two children, Eve and Theodore, seven and three respectively, love to spend time together by painting, drawing and sketching some of the most imaginative creations.

Ruth has been working with her youngest to create the pieces that feature in this clip.

It begins with Ruth handing the paint brush over to Theodore and he begins to outline big shapes and strokes before Ruth’s finesse comes into play.

Pics by Caters News

Ruth adds more detail with specific characters being inserted into the pieces, creating an element of storytelling and meaning.

The subjects include various animals, alien spaceships and a glorious whale breach while a boy strapped to balloons watches on.

Ruth said: “Theo takes the lead and begins the pieces using watercolours, markers and pencils all while telling me about his vision and what he is creating other times he is silent and we discuss when he is finished.

Pics by Caters News

“We love to talk about the colours and shapes being made and what we see in them, using this information and the stories we make up together I then add to the collaboration sewing together the oral pieces into the visual art.

“Often, Theo will sit with me while I paint and ask that I use certain colours or add certain elements like rain, an airplane or a dolphin!

“I draw my inspiration from my children, before I became a mom, I would consider myself a perfectionist to a fault when it came to my artistic endeavours.

Pics by Caters News

“Watching my children embrace every ‘mistake’ as an opportunity and growing through their artistic struggles challenged me to do the same, it inspired me to push through and adapt to the perceived imperfections and use them in ways I previously could not have imagined.

“It has improved my relationship with both my children immensely, it has continued to build a strong bridge of communication, respect and trust as I treat them as my artistic equals and peers, they know that their ideas, imaginations and vision are being heard and seen as important.

“We work as a team and I see my children as my artistic peers and co-collaborators, we share our work on social media with the mission to inspire other adults to bond with the next generation by sharing their passions by working side by side.”