Offbeat Video

By Mollie Mansfield

Contestants battled it out to create the best homemade chocolate chip cookies – baked on the DASHBOARD of their car – in ‘America’s hottest city’.

During ‘America’s Hottest Party’, which was held in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, yesterday [29 June] – contestants took to their car dashboards to show just how hot the area was.

The event was held to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the day the city soared to 128 degrees F [53 degrees C] – and enthusiasts were keen to show that temperatures are still high.

This incredible footage shows just how hot the area got – a scorching 103 degrees F [39 degrees C] – to the point where chocolate chip dough was turned into freshly baked cookies in the shape of snow cones, palm trees and trucks.

The bakers that won the cookie contest made the treats on the dashboard of a 1969 El Camino Super Sport

Brigid Stephens, 57, dubbed the ‘Queen of dashboard cookies’, said: “Typically I like it when it’s 116 degrees, we put them in there for four hours and they come out better than any cookies baked in an oven.

“If you’re working with something a bit more unseasonably cool – let’s say 103 degrees – you might want to give it a couple of extra hours.

“Everybody ate the cookies afterward – I believe they’re eating the cookies right now under the bridge.

“The ultimate car was my Ford Pro GT that I had when I first started this 15 years ago – since then I’ve been working in a Toyota RAV4 and today we’ve done vintage cars.

“You want the windows up tight, you want to lock it – you don’t want to open that car door, if you do you’re losing about 25 degrees.

Terence Concannon, CEO of Go Lake Havasu, said: “We’ve always known we were hot, both literally and figuratively.

“This party is perfect to celebrate all of the hotness surrounding our famed party spot, the Bridgewater Channel, as well as our summer temperatures that makes our lake even more appealing than it is just naturally.

“This is a fun event for us.”