By Jack Mobley

After being gifted a painting from his friend, this man discovered that it was a prank painting that was covered in UV painted penises.

Graphic designer from Raleigh, North Carolina, K.C. Feather was sat at home when he discovered a weird glow on certain areas of his painting that was given to him by a friend.

Trying to investigate what the substance might be on the painting, K.C. bought a UV light to shine on the painting.

Highlighting that UV paint had been used on the art piece, a plethora of glowing penis’ illuminated along with the line ‘Big juicy c**k’.

The glowing fallacies retain the light and can be seen even after the light had been turned off, in what was quite an elaborate and time-consuming prank.

K.C. said: “Realising my friend Greg went through all the trouble to prank me in such an incredibly subtle way and never said a word, I clutched the painting and just laughed historically for several minutes in the dark.

“My friend Greg has been painting as a hobby for several years and wanted to give me a custom painting for my 31st birthday.

“I’m a graphic designer, so he asked me to provide feedback for some artwork he created in anticipation to making one for me. I gave him a long and thorough critique, which based on his reaction he didn’t seem to enjoy.

“He was adamant that I put it in a dark room such as a bathroom, but I just set it on a cabinet next to some other artwork in my normally dimly lit living room.


According to K.C., his friend, Greg said: “Omg KC I have been waiting so long for this. I had to spend countless hours of trial and error over 3 paintings, two of which are garbage, all to get some cocks on that painting.”

K.C. continued: “Finding the prank made me appreciate the painting even more and I intend to keep it as a prominent decoration for as long as I can.”