By Sophie Norris

 This is the moment a ‘stupid’ cyclist dad apparently pushed his daughter in a pushchair with one hand while riding his bike through London – with the tot in the middle of the road.

John Newby, 41, was on his commute to work on his own bike when he overtook the cyclist and claims the girl was smiling and ‘oblivious to the risk’.

The footage appears to show the father cycling close to the kerb but holding the pushchair further out in the middle of the road with just one hand on it – as he approaches a tunnel.

The IT manager claims the dangerous manoeuvre left him ‘shocked’ that a father would put his daughter in this situation and claims the stunt turned heads from other passersby.

John said: “I was just driving down the same road I use every day, near London Bridge, when I saw the cyclist pushing a pram.

“I looked only looked over quickly because I was more busy looking where I was going, then I just thought ‘there’s a baby in that pram’.

“That’s why I was so shocked. It was nine am so I guess he must have been to drop one of his other children at school.

“When I looked around, the little girl was smiling – oblivious to the risk her father was opening her up to.

“I couldn’t believe it. It’s a side road, but cars still go up and down it at about 20 miles per hour.

“You can’t see it on the video but there were men and women on the other side of the road looking at it as well.

“I thought ‘this can’t be right’. I was in a bit of shock.

“The little girl could have fallen into the road if her dad had swerved or hit the kerb. Her dad was just using one hand as he cycled along.

“The girl, by all accounts, looked to be enjoying herself.

“It’s just the stupidity of her father and what could happen that worried me.”

The incident was recorded on Shand Street, a 20mph one way road that passes through a dark tunnel under railway tracks and is only minutes from London Bridge and the Shard.

The road is a busy cut through under the railway tracks and the footage shows it lined with parked cars, passerby and even maintenance workers in trucks.

John claims he carried on his way without stopping the cyclist because in the past he has been verbally abused by parents when he told them to be more careful on the road.

John said: “I have seen parents go through red lights before and said something to them and they have shouted abuse at me, but personally I think it’s very dangerous.”