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By James Somper

A young farmer has unwittingly become a sex symbol after an innocent post on social media.

Dale Attwell is the third generation to work on the eponymous family farm and says he’s had a passion for farming his whole life.

But the 24-year-old became something of an online sensation after a colleague from Attwell Farm Park in Redditch, Worcs, posted a picture of him with one of the farm’s pygmy goats.

Attwell Farm has been in Dale’s family for three generations and his grandfather opened a farm park on the site two years ago.

Pic By Michael Scott/Caters News

The Facebook post which showed Dale and Rhubarb the pygmy goat was liked hundreds of times but people only seemed interested in Dale.

One of the comments said: “Worth going to see him.. never mind the goat.

Another said: “Omg I think dale should do a ladies night in the barn.

One over excited commenter said: “Definitely agree with the comments above, ladies night indeed. Dale you are blooming gorgeous! Can’t wait to see you…..I mean the goats! lol.”

Pic By Caters News

Dale, who insists the recent increase in female visitors is due to the Park’s new range of attractions said that he wasn’t dumbstruck at the reaction to the post.

He said: “It was just a photo to show off some of the pygmy goats which we’ve got on the farm.

“I didn’t expect it to happen, it was just to show off the pygmy boats.

“When I saw the reaction I was quite surprised. Stuff like that doesn’t usually happen.

Modest, Dale said: “I don’t think I’m anything special so it’s quite funny.

Pic By Michael Scott/Caters News

“As a child all I ever wanted to do was work on the farm and be a farmer.”

Dale, said that his girlfriend Jade has found the whole experience puzzling.

He said: “She doesn’t mind, she thinks it’s comical.”

Proud granddad Mike Attwell, 74, said he wasn’t surprised by his grandson’s new found fame.

He said: “I’m very jealous to be honest.

“I’m very proud of Dale and everything he’s done. First and foremost this is a family business.

“The word is spreading and Dale has certainly helped.”