Amazing Video

By Jack Mobley

In this heart-racing clip, a daredevil is the first person to BASE jump off England’s highest peak in the Lake District.

David Gallagher, 29, was the first person to scale then take flight off Scafell Pike – standing at 3209ft – in the Lake District.

The peak, Scafell Pike has never been jumped off of and recorded on video but the outdoors instructor was able to capture the entire event.

The clip shows David on top of the peak, prepared to jump, before taking the plunge of the edge.

David claims that he is the first person and based on the verification from the relatively small BASE jumping community in the UK, it’s agreed that this is the first jump from Scafell Pike.

Parachute in hand, David throws it behind him as soon as he jumps, releasing the chute and gradually glides towards the valley, drinking in the beauty of the Lake District.

David said: “It was exhilarating knowing that I was the first to do this, and immensely satisfying to land having opened up a new exit on an iconic mountain.

“Each successive jump pushes the skill a bit further and brings it home that there is so much potential for adventure like this in the UK.

“You don’t need to travel far abroad when you can do this in your own backyard!

“The BASE community is fairly small and well connected, and knowledge about exits and jump history is shared amongst members.

“There is a mentoring and progression system whereby the more experienced jumpers introduce newer jumpers to exits, so in that sense it is known whether anyone has previously jumped Scafell Pike or not in this case.”

The jump actually took place in the summer of 2018 but was only uploaded to YouTube in February 2019