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By Dan Coles

A bride-to-be had a hen do to remember – when she saved an elderly man from a burning building on the way home from her big night out.

Carer Kayleigh Brown, 21, from North Walsham, Norfolk, was waking home on June 22 from the boozy night out when she heard what she thought was a car alarm.

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But when she and her hen party heard a man screaming in a block of flats, she ran to the rescue – and smashed her way into the building and pulled 70-year-old Richard Baker to safety.

And now, she’s been reunited with Richard after he tracked her down to thank her and her fellow hens for saving his life.

Kayleigh credits her heroics to her day job, both working as carers for their community and even ran back in when she was told by pensioner

Richard Baker that he feared a seven-year-old girl was still stuck in the building – which luckily wasn’t the case.

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Kayleigh said: “The hen night amazing but at about 3am we all called it a night and started heading home, which is when we first heard the alarm

“It was just instinctive; I actively help people every day at work so if we see someone in distress it’s a normal reaction.

“My friend Harriet broke the door down; we both went straight in to help Richard and we managed to get him out.

“We couldn’t even really process what happened when we got home, we were out for a party and realised when we got back that we had just saved someone’s life.

“The response has been overwhelming, and hard to take in, we had people calling us as soon as we woke up asking what had happened.”

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The fire took place in the early hours of Sunday morning, and started when the boozy pair were returning home from Kayleigh’s hen party.

Whilst walking home they heard the alarm going off but had no idea it was to do with a fire.

Kayleigh said: “We just thought it was a car alarm but after following it we were startled to see it was actually a fire, we couldn’t just let it be.

“We could hear the man shouting so in we went.

“When he came out, he said there was a young girl still up in the flats so we went in and checked, we couldn’t find her and the smoke got too thick to stay in there.

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“We couldn’t see much, and we could barely breathe when we finally had to leave. Luckily nobody was hurt and there was not a girl trapped upstairs

“I just thought if it was my little sister up there, I would want someone to go up and save her, I didn’t think to much about the risk.

Kayleigh put her heroics down to her day job, with always being ready and willing to help anyone she can, she currently works a care worker for Kare Plus, based in Norfolk.

Rachel Chettleburgh, Kayleigh’s manager said: “Not all superheroes wear capes, some wear tunics, badges and in the case of Kayleigh Brown, a veil.

“Kayleigh is used to going into the homes of the more vulnerable and elderly members of our society as part of her daily routine.

“Kayleigh, who has completed Kare Plus training in all aspects of care and life support let her natural instincts come to the fore, raised the emergency services and spoke with the fire service during the unfolding emergency.

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“I’m not in the least bit surprised that Kayleigh was able to react in a cool manner, even after what has obviously been an evening of celebration, not panicking and taking advice from the fire department when they called emergency services.”

Stefan Rider, from Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service, described the women as heroes and said that without the quick-thinking pair being on the scene that this story could have had a very different outcome.

Stefan said: “These women saved his life, if they hadn’t stepped in this story could have had a tragic ending.

“They deserve recognition for their bravery, and everyone is thankful for their actions.”

Bride-to-be Kayleigh will be tying the knot on July 19, to fiancé and future husband, George Gray, 21.

“Kayleigh said: “When I told him what happened, George was very proud of me.”

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Pensioner Richard Baker added: “I was trying to put the fire out but there was so much smoke I just couldn’t see what I was doing.

“I will be eternally grateful to both Kayleigh and Harriet for what they did.”